“Waterways” is a feature documentary film shot throught entire Republic of Croatia, more precisely, 29 rivers, 17 natural lakes, 3 national parks, 7 parks of nature and 18 museums protectors of tradition

Say yes to Happiness

The Maasai Kenyan tribe, Dubai residents, university professors, and other experts are trying to explain to us what happiness is.
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Out of Afroca
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Coincidence Picture Production
Coincidence Picture Production
a society of film workers and a professional, non-political organization of film in audiovisual creation, whose primary activity is the production and promotion of film and other audiovisual works in the entire planet Earth. Society recognizes the free expression of people and it preserves their dignity, with the aim of transforming exceptional visions and / or ideas that promote human values into the film. Our movies are intended for every individual on our planet.


The screenplay is a story with characters and situations, accompanied by questions that encourage the viewer to think. Simply telling a child not to lie doesn’t work the same as telling him the story of George Washington and the cherry. This story has been used for over a hundred years to elevate the virtue of telling the truth.


Film production

Separating profit from the equation of filmmaking, you are free to treat film as a purely expressive medium, which also advocates the idea that communication is a human right, however in turning a script into a film, the idea must not be sacrificed for content or budget. Coincidence Picture Production is a media collective focused on research, development and production of film.


Film distribution

After the film is finished, it must be distributed. The distribution of a film is always preceded by its promotion. Film distribution is a process that allows the audience to watch a movie. Our virtue is determining the film’s marketing strategy and the media through which the film will be exhibited or available for viewing.


Naturalness and reality are frequent demands of new poetics, and with this film this has been achieved through inspiring stories of the survival of our ancestors. Further analysis showed that this film project can be “read” through cultural anthropology, urban anthropology, archetypal psychology, and this view is a kind of “reading urbi et orbi”

Dr.sc. Romana Lekić

field of cultural anthropology, https://www.bernays.hr/

From the scientific point of view and from the attached information, I can say that this film production has the capacity to select topics that are extremely important for the entire ecosystem of our environment and ultimately for each individual human being.
Dr.sc. Martin Andreas Pfannkuchen

Centar za istraživanje mora Rovinj - Institut Ruđer Bošković, https://www.irb.hr/Zavodi/Centar-za-istrazivanje-mora

In the daily lives of modern man, existence is limited by various social beliefs, just as the Maasai tribes are forced to refrain from constant attempts to eradicate our ancient customs, however, this film crew does not succumb to beliefs that violate their own views.
Phayie Muteleu

Maasai, Rift Vally, Kenya

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