Croatia's Hidden Heritage

This feature-length documentary captures the entirety of Croatia, specifically 29 rivers, 17 natural lakes, 3 national parks, 7 parks of nature, and 18 museums that serve as protectors of tradition.

Say yes to Happiness

The Maasai Kenyan tribe, Dubai residents, university professors, and other experts are trying to explain to us what happiness is.
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Out of Afroca
ARFF Berlin
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Our film company is driven by a non-political commitment to the creation and promotion of film and other audiovisual works on a global scale. We firmly uphold the values of free expression and human dignity, striving to transform exceptional visions and ideas that champion human virtues into captivating cinematic experiences. Our films are meticulously crafted to bring joy to every individual across the globe.



The screenplay is a narrative featuring characters and scenarios that prompt the audience to contemplate. Merely instructing a child not to lie does not have the same impact as narrating the tale of George Washington and the cherry tree. This anecdote has been utilized for over a century to emphasize the value of honesty.


Film production

In the realm of filmmaking, separating profit from the creative process allows for the medium to be viewed as a purely expressive art form. This perspective advocates for communication as a fundamental human right. However, it is crucial that this ideal not be compromised during the transformation of a script into a finished film, regardless of content or budget constraints.


Film distribution

In the realm of film distribution, our virtue lies in crafting effective marketing strategies for films. We specialize in identifying the most suitable media channels through which a film can be promoted and exhibited to maximize its reach and impact on audiences. By understanding the dynamics of the industry and audience preferences, we aim to optimize the distribution process for each film we work with.


“Naturalness and reality are common themes in modern poetry, and this film successfully captures these elements through compelling narratives of our ancestors’ survival. Upon closer examination, it becomes evident that this film can be interpreted using various lenses such as cultural anthropology, urban anthropology, and archetypal psychology. This multi-faceted approach offers a comprehensive understanding of the film, akin to a universal interpretation.” Romana Lekić

Field of Cultural Anthropology,

“From a scientific perspective and based on the provided information, it can be affirmed that this film production demonstrates a remarkable ability to address topics that hold significant importance for the overall ecosystem of our environment, and by extension, for every individual human being.” Martin Andreas Pfannkuchen

Sea Research Center - Rovinj Institute Ruđer Bošković,

“In the daily lives of modern individuals, societal norms often constrain one’s existence, much like how the Maasai tribes face pressure to preserve their traditional customs despite external influences. Nevertheless, this particular film crew remains steadfast in upholding their own beliefs, refusing to yield to conflicting ideologies.”

Phayie Muteleu

Maasai, Rift Vally, Kenya

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